SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing in Salon Swift

SMS versus post or email

SMS is different from email and post marketing.  It’s considered “instant” as the client will usually receive the message within seconds to minutes.  They also have the ability to act straight away to the marketing as they are using their  phone at that time.

How to increase your chance or response

When using SMS it’s important to try and catch the client’s attention enough that they reply then and there, this is usually done by breaking your marketing message into three parts:

  1. The Offer: An offer strong enough to get their attention.
  2. Offer Timeframe: The offer is usually restricted to a certain timeframe to encourage fast action from the client.
  3. Claim Timeframe: The client must be encouraged to respond immediately whilst you have their attention.  This will also let you know if your campaign was successful or not.

Take this example workflow to determine who we’re going to send the SMS campaign to:

  • All Clients
  • Who have no future appointment
  • Who have had foils
  • Who haven’t been back in the last 3 months
  • Who I haven’t marketed a special to in the last 2 months (important so you don’t spam your clients constantly with offers)

These people are in need of refreshing their colour and they haven’t rebooked.  Based on that information, consider the following SMS campaign:

Dear First_Name, Smith’s Cutting is offering foils at 40% off. Offer only valid this Thursday and Friday. To claim offer you must book by calling 32132123 by 2pm today

Note the important factors:

  • Dear First_Name
    • Personalised marketing to help the client feel it’s not a large spam campaign
  • Smith’s cutting is offering foils at 40% off.
    • Lets the client know who you are and provides a strong incentive.  Of course, your incentive will be different, this is simply an example.
  • Offer only valid this Thursday and Friday.
    • This example is referring to a time when you’re not busy and need to fill a quiet time.
  • To claim offer you must book by calling 32132123 by 2pm today.
    • It provides a plan of action, gives the phone number they need to call and encourages instant response with a strict time limit on when they can respond.  Without this time limit they may think to themselves “oh I’ll call later” then they’ll get busy and forget and you lose a client.  By putting a few hours maximum on the response time limit you will get a better response rate and when 2pm does come, you’ll know how successful the campaign was and if you need to adjust your offer before trying again to a different group of people.

Below is an example taken from Salon Swift showing the above in action:

Workflow for SMS

Spend some time in your Salon Swift’s Mail Shot tool and reproduce the above workflow to get an understanding of how it all fits together.

Tagging Clients so you don’t spam them

A special thing to note is I’ve typed “special” into the “Tag Client With” box at the very bottom.  You can see this in the above image.  By doing so each client that gets that marketing message will be tagged with “special” so next time you do a marketing campaign you can tell Salon Swift to ignore anyone that’s been tagged with “Special” within a time frame (in the above example 2 months).  If you consider that too soon, make it longer, 3 months or more.  It’s up to you.

Saving money on your SMS marketing costs

If you were to simply send SMS to all your clients whenever you run a campaign chances are you’ll be sending it to people that already have appointments, people that may not be interested in that offer (men who don’t care about foils for example) and you’ll also be sending it to people that you may have recently sent a campaign to.  By following the above guidelines you can keep the marketing relevant, expect a higher return on your marketing campaign and as an extra bonus you’ll save money by not sending out as many SMS messages that simply won’t be appreciated.

We hope this guide helps in some way get a better understanding of making the most of Salon Swift’s SMS marketing tools and we recommend printing a copy of this and reading through it before your campaigns whilst you’re learning the basics of SMS marketing.  We’d love any feedback of course, so feel free to let us know if you can see room for improvement or if you simply have any questions.