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A new version of Salon Swift

We’ve been listening and working hard on this release for some time. As well as a host of little fixes and improvements we’ve also added the following:

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▪ Ability to search for products in POS by typing the product name or part of the name.
▪ Ability to create multiple walk in clients for the one day that don’t need to group.
▪ Ability to email reports directly from within Salon Swift whilst viewing the report.
▪ You can now make General appointments recurring.
▪ SMS log can now be searched.
▪ SMS log now shows number of messages sent over a date range.
▪ Marketing filters added including: Valid phone number / email / address, First visit date, Point Range, Point Test, Point Expiry Check, Message history, Visit on a particular day.


▪ Tax can be added to or removed from memberships.
▪ Major update to the Overall Summary report making it easier to understand.
▪ You can have an appointment split in two now without requiring development time.
▪ Made the log a bit easier to understand in some situations.
▪ Re-designed create appointment screen to make it a more natural workflow. Client details are on the left, categories in the middle and services on the right.
▪ Can now remove a supplier from a product if you assign one but don’t want one assigned anymore.
▪ EOD Wizard can now handle changing date to a previous date. EG: If you forgot to cash up the day before and are doing it today for yesterday.
▪ Swift’s Message Inbox can now read multiple messages when clients reply with very long messages.
▪ More human / simpler to understand language is used when sending SMS to inform of number of clients VS number of messages. This will make it easier to know what you’re about to spend when sending SMS messages.
▪ Adjusted some important logic to the “Time for your Appointment” reminders.
▪ Product Master view has lots of small user improvements to make using it easier and faster when editing lots of products.
▪ Outstanding Gift Voucher report now has extra columns to make it more useful.
▪ Ability to delete read messages in the internal staff messaging system.


What if mine didn’t update?

Send an email to with your salon name and phone number and we’ll give you a call and ensure you get updated.


Anything else I should know?

Only to enjoy the new changes and additions and be sure to check them out.

Any feedback is of course welcome so please feel free to contact us via if you need to.

All the best and enjoy this latest release!

Rob and the Team at Salon Swift Pacific