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Do you have terms and conditions on your marketing material?

Imagine you send out a thank you discount to a new client and they bring it in and want to use it on their child.  Should you let them?

What about an old client that has a thank you discount from 2 years ago and demands you honour it?

What about a client who has saved up old marketing materials and brings in a collection of marketing incentives all at the same time?  What if they want to redeem the incentive for cash?

What to do?

You need some simple terms and conditions attached to the bottom of all your email marketing.  It doesn’t need to be intimidating, and it doesn’t need to stand out in large font.  Just a simple set of clear terms on how your marketing incentives can and can’t be used.

What should they say?

Well, each business is different, but here are some examples that you may find helpful.

Example Terms & Conditions:

Use of this incentive is restricted by the following terms and conditions:  This incentive may only be used by the person it was issued to: (Client’s name).  It may not be used on or by another person or for use on another person. This incentive may not be used in conjunction with any other offer and will expire within 2 months of (date inserted here). This incentive may not be refunded, exchanged for cash or used against any other offers. If this incentive is lost or stolen a replacement cannot be issued. Choice of stylist/therapist may not be guaranteed when using this incentive, however we will endeavour to supply your preferred stylist/therapist. If you don’t turn up for your appointment without letting us know (no show) this incentive will then be invalid for any future visit. If you received multiple copies of this offer by accident, only one may be redeemed according to the above conditions.

As said, the above is just an example but it should give you plenty of ideas.  Simply make your terms and conditions, it should only take 5 minutes and place it at the bottom of each and every email that goes out and you’ll be covering yourself at least from the above examples.

Any feedback, just flick us an email to and let us know your thoughts.