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Introduction to the Calendar training series

If you’ve been following our facebook updates you’ll know about our new training videos. If not, here’s some for you to watch.

Think you know how to use the calendar in Salon Swift? Check out our latest video tutorial series. 3 x 5 minute videos to help you master the calendar.

Part 1 – first steps:

  • Date Navigation
  • All / Individual staff views
  • Adding Appointments
  • Editing Appointments
  • Dragging Appointments to a different time / column
  • Resizing / Changing the length of an appointment

part 1

Part 2 – day to day skilled up:

  • Moving and Copying Appointments
  • Cancelling Appointments
  • Marking Appointment as a “No Show”
  • Marking a Client as Arrived
  • Marking an Appointment as Confirmed
  • Marking an Appointment as Booked
  • General Appointments, Lunch Breaks, Sick Breaks, Holidays, etc

part 2

Part 3 – all over it:

  • Quick Editing an Appointment
  • Preferred Employee – Appointment Notes
  • Taking Appointment to POS / Checkout
  • Shortcut Keys / Keyboard Shortcuts

Part 3

We hope you’re loving our new video lessons and if you have any suggestion or requests, just let us know!