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Automatic client follow up after specific services

Client follow up.  It’s micromanagement, tedious and hard to be consistent about it

Well, it used to be.  We’ve developed a system in Salon Swift that will automatically follow up people that have had specific services (that you choose) as well as send pre visit info for those services that need it (eg: spray tanning clients can’t come with moisturiser).

My clients don’t need it.  Our standards are high.

Well, it’s true there’s some great businesses using Salon Swift out there but it’s not all about making sure they’re happy, it’s also about making sure they’re informed.  For some services it’s almost compulsary.  As an example, you can have Salon Swift message all clients exactly 2 hours after a facial peel with after care instructions.  The same with lash extensions.  The same with chemical hair straightening.  The list goes on and on. This level of service can be personalised and make all the difference.

We’ve had a few of our salons using the tools for a little while now whilst we put polish on them and the results are amazing.  Clients are thankful and appreciative for the follow up as well as feeling more confident what to do after their service.

Drop a line if you’d like to chat about it with us.  It’s dead easy to setup and like all of Salon Swift’s marketing tools, is fully automated.