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Automated Rebook Reminders – Make more money without lifting a finger

“I do want to rebook, but I’ll call you back later, I first need to check…”

It’s a familiar line. Every business that rebooks clients hears that one day after day. The client means it too.  They do want to rebook but they do need to check if they’re free or not.  The problem is, they go home, get busy, make dinner, enjoy a wine and before you know it the rhythm of life has rolled into play and they’ve completely forgotten.

I can’t remember to call all these people back!

Now, we do need to call them to remind them their appointment needs rebooking but we can’t possibly remember to do that, there’s simply too many clients that “fall through the gaps” and we either never hear from them again or they rebook so late you end up seeing them many times less over the year.

My regrowth is bad and I need my waxing done! 

We’ve developed a system in Salon Swift that will check every day if your client hasn’t rebooked and will send them an SMS when  they need it most.  Imagine a client, looking in the mirror, thinking to themselves “I must remember to call the salon and book my colour”.  Imagine then, they get this SMS that day “Dear Emma, just a friendly reminder your colour is due soon.  Feel free to call us on 555 433 234 to book an appointment.

It’s VERY powerful and salons that have been using this system have shown a strong increase in rebooking.  You’re talking to the client when it’s confronting them in the mirror every day and it gives them a call to action.  Even better, they simply press your phone number and call you to make that booking.

We’re really proud of this great feature of Salon Swift and the results have been fantastic.  Get in contact with us today to help get your business setup and start catching clients that fall through the gaps and don’t rebook.