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Salon Swift, facebook, twitter… the yellow pages?!

your database, social media and the old school

The Yellow Pages book?!

Before we start a conversation about facebook and twitter, just stepping back in time a bit… you can spend a good chunk of money on a Yellow Pages ad. I can honestly say though, I can’t remember the last time I even saw a Yellow Pages book let alone used one. If I did have one laying around somewhere, I wouldn’t be looking for a hairdresser or beauty therapist, or any professional services business from it. I’d be asking my friends who they recommend or I’d be on the net if my friends didn’t deliver.

Current Social Media Trends:

To advertise, I could use my Facebook page to update all my services and specials to my clients, but I’d also be concerned about my clients being poached from an ex employee. All they have to do is simply browse my Facebook page and contact all my facebook “friends” (clients). Just like that, my database (facebook friends) has been pilfered.I could have my awesomely designed webpage… but then, I’d have to update it all the time (really, I would, and how would I do that?! Would I REALLY have the time?)I could Twitter! That’s what I could do! But then… don’t people just use twitter to advertise their business and network? (It’s all we use it for, and as far as I can see, it’s what most people use it for). It’s a bit of a self obsessed marketing concept isn’t it? Mmmmm, twitter, do your clients REALLY follow you on that thing?So what does that leave us?

If you want to make direct contact with your clients and their friends, don’t want your staff snooping your info when they’ve moved up the road, aren’t interested in constantly updating your website, then it leaves you with… your database.Using your database and the huge amount of info you have on your clients:Marketing to your clients directly through your database is the most efficient, secure and easy way to keep in touch with them, make offers that entice their friends to visit you and to keep them thinking about you.As long as you don’t contact them too much and become annoying, using SMS and email is still the most rock solid method.

There’s a whole list of things you need to keep in contact with your clients, yet they become “just another job” and hardly get done due to the stress of trying to keep up with everything. Using Salon Swift you can automate these tasks, reduce your stress levels, improve your business and keep your clients coming back more often.

A few examples of automated contact systems:

Consider having contact systems like this running automatically and what they can do for your business:

  • Appointment Reminder: Send an SMS every day to my clients who’s appointment is the following business day confirming their appointment date and time. This will reduce your no shows dramatically.
  • Birthday Offer: Send an SMS (or email) every day to people who’s birthday it is that day including a happy message of goodwill as well as a small gift offer to entice them in. This keeps loyal clients feeling all fuzzy and warm and it will entice a lost client back.
  • Rebook Reminder: Send an SMS at the start of the week to all clients who visited the previous week yet didn’t rebook telling them it was great to have them in, that you fill up quickly and if they would like to get an appointment that suits they can call now to make that appointment. This catches the clients that fall through the gaps and forget to rebook.
  • Lost Client Offer: Once every few months have Salon Swift email your clients that haven’t been back in a long time. (you can determine what length of time you consider a lost client.) Don’t mention they haven’t been back, that’s embarrassing. Simply let them know how good a client they’ve been and to say thank you you’ve given them a voucher to spoil themselves. When that voucher comes in you know you need to win that client back.

There’s plenty more that can be automated and setup for you (we can help you do it), but from that small sample above you can see the impact it can have for you and your business.

Surely you’re not saying Facebook is bad?!

Not at all, we have a facebook page ourselves. Just be cautious and keep a close eye on potential client theft through the readily available list of friends you have. The same goes with Twitter.So, Salon Swift is on your computer, you have one of the strongest and easiest to use marketing tools at your disposal. It might well be the time to look at utilising it as best you can as we move comfortably into the thick of this year.