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HTML emails from Salon Swift

Example HTML newsletter

Do you use a web designer or some other kind of designer to make your newsletter?  If so you may want them to read this post.

NOTE: this is a technical method of email design that usually only designers use as that’s how they are trained.  You don’t need to use this if you use Salon Swift’s word processor.  Only read or use this if you use a designer to have your newsletters made.

The Background info:

A lot of designers use what’s called a HTML newsletter.

This type of newsletter is the most popular for designers that don’t use computer programs like Salon Swift.

To allow your designer to use their designer skills and design HTML newsletters Salon Swift can import and send them.

The technical stuff (give this to your designer)

HTML newsletters used in Salon Swift must have their CSS inline, not embedded as a separate stylesheet.

The easiest way to convert an embedded HTML newsletter into an inline CSS HTML file is to visit

This will automatically convert not only  your CSS to inline but also make the newsletter friendly to mail clients such as gmail, outlook, msn etc etc.  Here is a  list of things it does

  • CSS styles are converted to inline style attributes
    Checks style and link[rel=stylesheet] tags and preserves existing inline attributes
  • Relative paths are converted to absolute paths
    Checks links in hrefsrc and CSS url('')
  • CSS properties are checked against e-mail client capabilities
    Based on the Email Standards Project’s guides
  • A plain text version is created


This was a technical post designed for your technical newsletter designer so they can utilise flexible HTML newsletter designs.

Don’t forget the easy way!

Remember, Salon Swift has a world of templates that are at your disposal and you don’t need to utilise this very technical method.  As a suggestion, we recommend asking your newsletter designer to have a look at Salon Swift’s word processor.  This is the easiest and most trouble free way to send out marketing materials to your clients!