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New product suppliers added to Salon Swift

Aveda and Redken in Salon Swift

We’re constantly increasing our list of suppliers who’s products you can import automatically into Salon Swift so you can make use of the Automatic Stock Control tools provided.

We’d like to welcome Aveda and Redken to the fast growing list of product companies that are setup to use with Salon Swift!

Automatic importing of stock into Salon Swift

salon stock control

Let Salon Swift suggest an order for you, it's fast and accurate

Salon Swift has a very powerful stock control system.  I find it’s underutilised in some salons, partucularly considering how easy it can make ordering products and keeping track of your stock.

Stock Control in Salon Swift

Manual versus Computerised stock control
With a manual system you may spend between 20 minutes and 2 hours getting your order ready (depending on your business).  With Salon Swift’s system, fully setup, you can have an order ready within 2-3 minutes and you will know how much you’re about to spend before you even place the order!

So why aren’t all businesses using the Stock System?
The main blockage, entering all of your products so you can use the system.  It’s a slow, tedious thing to do, no matter what software you use, manually entering all that stock is painful to say the least.

What’s the solution?  Do you have lists of suppliers that we can import?
That’s exactly what we have and can do.  With the click of a button we can import the stock straight into your system and all you will have to do is adjust pricing if you purchase at a different price and assign your supplier.  If you consider Goldwell or KMS as examples, they have hundreds of stock items. By importing their list of stock you can save hours and hours of work and begin using the excellent stock features of Salon Swift.

What suppliers do you have?
It’s a relatively new feature but at present we have:

Can you get other products / stock lists that aren’t in your list?
Of course we can, simply let us know which supplier / stock items you’d like to import and we’ll get in touch with them and get an automated import list ready for you.

So how can I do this?
Currently, because it’s such a new feature you simply get in touch with us and we’ll arrange to import the stock for you.

Now there’s no excuse not to use the powerful and easy stock tools in Salon Swift.  You know what you have to do now.  An organised, easy stock solution is just a few clicks away.