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Choosing a colour company

Which colour company is best for you?

I was in a Client’s salon today, showing her how to setup her stock and get ready for using Salon Swift’s automated stock control systems.  At this point a colour rep came in (this client has a hair salon).

It sparked an interesting conversation on how to choose the correct colour company, what to look for and why you’d choose one over the other.

This particular sales rep was all about helping with business development (they had borrowed heavily their sales pitch from another well known business development based colour company).

Another company she was interviewing was all about price and another was just about pure quality of product.

Which to choose?!
It’s my understanding that when dealing with the respected, well known brands that have been around for an eon (Wella, Goldwell, L’Oreal and Schwarzkopf to randomly list a few without any favour of one over the other) you’re going to get good colour.

Primary points to consider when choosing a colour company include:

  • Price per application (how much per ml)?
  • Performance of the colour (does it cover grey, how does it handle highlights)?
  • Support from the company

Put your images where your mouth is.
Will they give you access to their images to use for your marketing when marketing with Salon Swift?  Get them to email you some examples BEFORE you sign.  It’s one thing to say they have beautiful images for you to use, but if you can see their marketing department is in good communication with their sales department then things are looking good.

Hey smooth talker!
Get them to bring a technician in for the day and take some of the Team through the range and how it performs.  Let the Team know the sales rep will be trying to win them over, have your Team focus on objectivity, not smooth sales talk.

How much… no really, how much?
Get the price per ml.  Work out how many ml of colour you’ll need to apply certain recipe’s (get this info during the technicians demonstration).

Do this with a range of colour companies, don’t just fall for the first good looking, smooth talking rep that walks in the door.  Once you’ve done your homework, written up a list of pro’s, con’s and facts on each company you’ll have a good idea of which direction to go.

Don’t forget, if they can’t do these things for you at the start when they’re trying to get you onboard with them, there’s little to no chance they’ll help much once you’ve signed.  Date them for a while before you sign, see how they perform.  If you’re ready to commit, you’ll have done your homework and you’ll be ready.

Salon Swift gets website news updates

The new Salon Swift news blog

You can now keep up to date with what’s happening at Salon Swift HQ and what new things will be coming to your business in the latest updates.  Watch this space regularly and get an idea of what’s about to happen or read the previous news and find out what cool things you may have missed.

Salon Swift has so many great features, this is a great way to find out what they are as they come.