We’re looking for Sales Agents!

If you’ve any experience in the Hair / Beauty industry and feel like a career change or even some extra income then why not drop us a line.

The full job description is located here http://www.salonstaff.com.au/job/sales-agent-for-hair-beauty-salon-software-australia-wide-not-just-melbourne/in/melbourne/74187 and you can make contact via that website or directly via robertstarr@salonswift.com

The positions are for regions in the whole of Australia, not just Melbourne.

  • Choose your own flexible work hours
  • No crazy targets to stress you out & full training included
  • Generous commission ratio

Follow that link, have a read and get in touch if you want to get to know more about us and what you’ll be doing! 🙂

Welcome to the new generation of Beauty Therapists and Hairdressers!

We’re excited to have the Brisbane School of Hairdressing (BSH), the Gold Coast School of Hairdressing and the Brisbane School of Beauty (BSB) switch their computer software to Salon Swift this month!

A new generation of Beauty therapists and Hairdressers are learning Salon Swift and will hit the ground running when they start work on their first day.

Brisbane School of Hairdressing

The (BSH) and the (BSB) are leaders in training and education services within the hair and beauty industries in Queensland.

The BSH offer the following and more:
* Certificate II in Hairdressing – School Holiday Schedule
* Certificate II in Hairdressing
* Certificate III in Hairdressing – Fast track 5 day study pattern
* Certificate III in Hairdressing – 3 day study pattern
* Certificate IV in Hairdressing
* Diploma of Salon Management
* RPL and Skills Assessment

We’re excited to work with them to help a new generation of Hairdressers and Beauty Therapists start their careers with the best tools available.

More info can be found via the BSB website and BSB facebook pages.

Hiring a hairdressing apprentice

With so many aspect of your business to think about it can be overwhelming when considering hiring new staff. It’s easy to grab the first person that comes along, and in particular with apprentices it’s easy to find one that seems like a nice person, put them on and work through the years with them, shaping them, helping them, getting them to that place where they fit your business. It’s a long road and can bring great joy and great tears. Many times though it will not work out and as an owner you’ll feel a range of emotions from downright angry, to happy that they’re gone and everything in between.

Is there a different way to go about it? Andrew Davison, owner of renowned Noosa Heads hair salon Davison’s has some thoughts about this and he thinks there is. Andrew has been in hairdressing for 30 years, has had a thriving business for 15 years and is considered by local hairdressers as an enviable place to have a career. Drop the name Andrew Davison to any local hairdresser and you’ll only hear good things.

Andrew Davison

When we ask Andrew what he looks for when hiring his answer may be surprising.

“People always ask me what I look for in a hairdresser, in particular when hiring an apprentice. To be honest their ability to do hair is of no interest to me at the beginning.”

If Andrew isn’t looking for someone who can do hair then what is he looking for?
I like people that can read people and their body language , that can look people in the eye and be confident with their approach toward people , that can recognise a situation arising and treat it with the appropriate attitude.

Andrew’s comments should ring true if you think about it a little. Hairdressing skills can be learned, dedication can be instilled through inspiration and goal setting for example. So too can the traits Andrew is looking for but they take a long time and they should already be in place from parenting and upbringing. Without the personality that Andrew is looking for you’re fighting an uphill battle.

Hair is easy… It’s people that are difficult !
if staff are able to deal with people the hair element comes easy.

It couldn’t be expressed any simpler yet it’s so true. Next time you’re looking at hiring an apprentice be sure to have a think about the advice Andrew has offered. It can save you a lot of heartache down the road and it will make your and your apprentices work life all the better.

Davison’s salon can be found via their facebook page. Click here to head there now.

Linking Salon Swift to an iPad/Tablet for client information collection

You’re busy at the reception desk, your next client is walking in and you simply don’t have time to collect your current client’s details, enter them into Salon Swift and deal with the new client. Due to this, you don’t collect your client details. Your database is not in good shape. You can’t market to clients effectively. It’s a bad cycle to fall into.

The quickest and easiest way to collect your client data is to have them enter it themselves. They can do this on an iPad or an Android tablet and all it takes is about 30 seconds to give it to them and get them started.

Follow these instructions on how to get your salon software talking with your iPad.

ipad salon software

A new version of Salon Swift!

A new version of Salon Swift is released!

Salon Swift can now link to an ipad or other tablet and allows your clients to update their details into the system whilst you’re doing something more productive.

We hope you enjoy it!

ipad salon software




▪ You can now link Salon Swift to an iPad or other type of tablet. This allows your clients enter their details into the system whilst they are waiting. This allows you to build a strong database and takes the load from your staff.
See instructions on how to do this here.
▪ The “other” POS payment type allows dentists, doctors, massage and others who receive various payment types has been expanded. See this link for details. Dept of Veteran Affairs, Bitcoin, Hicaps, Government Vouchers and Medicare are available now.
▪ Can add client’s birthdays when adding an appointment.
▪ Can have a larger new client icon in calendar now if required. This is an option in Calendar Settings under System Config.
▪ Marketing Mailshot can now use middle names.
▪ Marketing Mailshot can now use Town names as well as postcodes.
▪ Series services can now be deselected at booking time if required.
▪ Overall Summary Report, Further Information section on the right now shows money added to accounts.


▪ Sending individual SMS messages in the conversation view now has an improved character and message count.
▪ After a rebook is complete you can just press ENTER all the way back to the POS screen to finalise sale. Much faster.
▪ Add new client screen input improvements for faster adding of clients.
▪ SPAM filter now correctly handles conversational SMS. You can again chat with your clients without the SPAM filter getting in the way.
▪ New client filter in mailshot have been expanded and now refers to a) clients when they’re added, b) clients who have had 1 transaction and c) clients who have had 1 appointment.
▪ Ordering of services in the mailshot tool is now improved and easier to read.
▪ New services default to a series value of 1. Much quicker when setting up series now.
▪ Picture logins and pictures at top of calendar now show full users name again.


▪ Recurring appointments now work correctly in all aspects of the software. Sorry for the earlier oversights!
▪ The Misc Item at POS has improved / fixed decimals.
▪ Flashing appointments with notes now fixed.
▪ Create appointment screen now has a fully functional alerts and referring client area.
▪ Grey flashing of appointments in calendar now resolved.
▪ At POS if cheque is the only “other” payment type then cheque is shown.

Darl Theme for Salon Swift

Back to School profit ideas

With school about to return why not profit from getting your seats filled with students for haircuts. A great way to help an apprentice gain confidence and bring in income at the same time.

If you’re a beauty therapist, why not use this idea to get parents in for a much deserved pamper after weeks of holiday jugglng.

Click the image below to watch the How-To video and make the most of the upcoming back to school time.

part 1

New version of Salon Swift

Ahhhh we love a new version.  Months and months of feedback from our clients which feeds the creativity and engages the mind.  This turns into new features, improvements and fixes.  Let’s get rolling with this latest release!

New Features:


1 – Custom payment types at POS.  Things like HiCaps, Cheque, Bitcoin etc can be used as payment types by clients.

To access this feature head to your settings screen. Menu – Admin – System – Configure.  From there choose the Point of Sale tab and enable your payment buttons.  Now when you’re at the POS taking a client’s bill you have the option to choose your new payment types.

enable payment types payment type


2 – SMS conversation view now exists. Similar to your phone showing speech bubbles.  Allows you to view complete client conversation history.  You can click on a client and press S on your keyboard or simply check the new conversation tab in the client overview!.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.11.47 am

If clients reply NO to cancel an appointment, appointment stays but is bright red to draw your attention. (NOTE: This only happens if you want it to, by default clients can not reply no and have their appointment cancelled.)

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.49.33 am

3 – Referral Type editor now added so you can edit your referral types.  Menu – Admin – Point of Sale – Referral Setup.
4 – New Report – Improved Non Return Client report with client info to contact them if required.
5 – New Report – Client Menu – Sales history Overview report.  This shows a list of all transactions for that client.
6 – New Report – Client Menu – Detailed Transaction History report.  Just like the normal Detailed Transaction History but just for that one client.
7 – New Report – Client Menu – Statement.  Just like a bank statement.  You can see the clients complete history and how their credit is holding up if you’re using the account feature.
8 – New Report – Financial Reports – Series Outstanding Report – To see which clients have series credits.
9 – General Appointments can now be recurring!  You can have them recur as often as you require.
10 – Each employee can have custom notes that print on the receipt if they worked on the client.  Great if you use HiCaps etc and need practitioner rebate info on the receipt.  Maybe you also want a custom message based on the employee and their own personality.  A great feature, be sure to check it out if you print receipts.

Improved Features:


1 – Much improved SMS Confirmation auto reply logic.
2 – POS now doesn’t revert to Walk In as it did in the last version.  It stays on the paying client’s name.  This was confusing to many and we’ve taken it back to how it was.  Thanks for the feedback.
3 – Product Order now shows price of order before tax, tax element and including tax.
4 – Product Import tool now forces non retail products to be not visible in POS.
5 – Improved privacy of Admin Code when restoring backups.
6 – Detailed Employee Performance Report now shows points used and made clients make more sense.
7 – Detailed Transaction History report had annoying bug where it showed last 2 days by default.  Now fixed to 1 as it should have been.
8 – Missing client info icon (blue) in appointment book refresh issue resolved.
9 – Product Adjustment tool now sorts according to name, not ID.
10 – Lists in Salon Swift now generally order themselves better, showing alphabetically rather than order they were entered.
11 – Send SMS Template tool improved dramatically to handle templates better and be visually easier to understand.

Fixed Issues:


1 – Staff Time Sheet time display rather than hour display has been corrected.
2 – SMS view creation of a new template now saves over old one rather than duplicating.
3 – Manual SMS appointment confirmation could at times send wrong time.  Now resolved.
4 – Auto Confirmation Settings screen update issue resolved.
5 – Email address entry logic improved to handle things like test_test@test.com
6 – Recurring appointment bugs (there were a few little ones sorry) have all been resolved.
7 – Edit Client Account button in POS doesn’t show last value entered anymore.  That was confusing sorry.

It’s a big list and a lot to work through but it’s worth at least having a skim over and checking things that you think are relevant to you.  New training documents and videos are coming on the new features so watch this space.  If you’re not sure how something works for now though, just get in touch and we’ll guide you through it.  Enjoy!

Automated after care follow up.

So you KNOW you should be following up clients after certain services.  Things like Facial Peels, large Colour Changes, Eyelash Extensions and more. It would be GREAT if you could also remind clients before their appointment to do certain things, for example before a Spray Tan to remind them not to wear makeup or moisturiser.

Well, have have you covered!  Watch this new video on Automated After Care Follow Up and have Salon Swift do the follow up you should be doing, automatically.

part 1

Salon Swift can market for you

Take Survey

You know this already, but are you using it to its full potential?

Click this link and answer 5 simple questions to see if you’re even using the basics of the marketing tools. If you’re not using them you’re missing out.

There’s much more Salon Swift can do of course, but these 5 marketing tools are considered essentials.